Mustang Summer
Youth Camp
June 16th Through June 19th
Photo Page and Report
Coach Mike Code Greeted
159 Campers To The
"2008 Youth Basketball Academy"
The Mustangs Players and Staff did a great
job of mixing fun with fundamentals.
We enjoyed nearly ideal weather conditions  
and were blessed that there were no signifigant
injuries this year.
Award Winners
Free Throw Champs
Hot Shot Champs
8th Grade
Matthew Abercrombie
6th Grade
Colton Cryer
3rd Grade
Keller McGrath
7th Grade
Not Available
3 on 3 Champs
9th Grade
Team Of Mark Dischar, Jacob Hartig, and Nathan McGovney
8th Grade
Team Of Matt Kramer, Ian Neieis, And Jeff Skinner
6th Grade
Team Of Spencer Hackworth, Dalton Linebach,
and Brady Sansom (Not Pictured)
7th Grade
Team Of Drew Berkemeier, Jacob Jennings, and Austin Shannon
5th Grade
Team Of Brent Geiman, Dylan Geiman, and Logan Schultz
4th Grade
Team Of Cody Chism, Dylan Donnermeyer, and Jacob Sendelbach
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Summer Youth Camp Report and Picture Page
This Year's Camp Ball reflects
the fact that we continue to
succeed regardless who the
players are wearing Brossart
Uniforms from year to year.
6th Grade
Noah Prodoehl
5th Grade
Jackson Crawford
9th Grade
Zach Fardo
7th Grade
Jacob Jennings
8th Grade
Jimmy Kelley
5th Grade
Logan Schoulties
9th Grade
Jacob Hartig
4th Grade
Tyler Cropenbaker
3rd Grade
Team Of Zach Hamberg, Mason Kramer, and Brendan Luken
3rd Grade
Brendan Luken
4th Grade
Garren Bertsch
4th Grade
Colton Hartig
4th Grade
Ian Bracke
Zach Fardo, Ian Bracke, and
Garren Bertsch are all
Free-Throw Champions
having also won their
respective class titles in 2007
Jacob Hartig
also won the 2007 Hot
Shot Competition as an
7th Grader

This year the 8th Grader
won it again while
competing with
9th Graders