2015  -  2016
Final Freshmen Team Stats
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2015-16 Freshmen Statistics Sheet
Coach Mike Schack had the luxury of having enough players to
conduct competitive scrimmages this season, after coming off of a
pair of seasons, where we were faced with short number situations.
Sixteen freshmen participated in basketball this year.  Bryan Duffy
was moved up to JV ball and practiced with the big team from the
get-go, and Derek McCormick broke his arm just prior to the
startup of the season and didn't log a minute for the 2015-16
Freshmen Mustangs.
As usual Coach Schack spread playing time around liberally among
his unit, as best he could in 24 minute games with 6 minute periods.
The team finished the season with a 12-11 record, but bagged some
big game along the way.  Wins over Holmes, Dixie Heights, Ryle,
Mason County, Simon Kenton, and NCC all bode well for the
They were also contentious against Holy Cross and Highlands, two
of the top teams in the area.
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NOTE:  These are scorebook stats only.  They do not reflect actual games in which the player participated.

In order to be credited with playing in a game, the player must have shot a free-throw or scored a basket.
The 2015-16 Freshmen Mustangs were led by Tyler (T-Mac) MacDonald who put up 201 points on the season
while averaging 8.7ppg.  J.D. Schumacher, Bryson Wieland, and Tanner Griffin all logged over 100 points.   

The consensus among the coaching staff is that this group will contribute to the success of the overall program
for the next three years.