2017  -  2018
Final Junior Varsity
Team Stats
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2017-18 Final Junior Varsity Statistics
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Transient 2017-18 JV Team
Records a 13-7 Win-Loss Mark
 Fifteen different Mustangs passed through Coach Daniel Schultz's revolving door JV team over
the course of the 2017-18 season.
Coach Daniel Schultz's sanctum provided an introductory venue for a pair of precocious freshmen.  
Stephen Verst doubled as the Freshmen team's leading scorer, and Carson Schirmer went on to
become a varsity starter.  
This year's JV team served as a rehab center for Junior Bryson Wieland who was returning to
action after a layoff of 3 1/2 months, recovering from a lower back stress fracture, and allowed two
additional juniors to gain some valuable minutes to supplement their varsity experience.
The nucleus of the team was comprised of Stephen Verst, one of the freshmen. seven sophomores
and three juniors.
Wieland netted 48 points in five outings for an average of 9.4ppg.
Junior Tyler MacDonald put up 62 points in 8 late season appearances -
7.8ppg, and classmate Allen Jump scored 116 points in 17 games - 6.8ppg.
Sophomore Brian Paulin played in all 20 games and was one of the
primary members of the team.  He led all scorers with 134 points - 6.7ppg.

As a team our JVs played the NoKy JV Tournament runner-up
Highlands Bluebirds to 9 points in late December, and defeated the
Holmes JVs 52-46 in the David Evans Memorial Fieldhouse, in what is
considered their signature victory.  A 59-38 win over Mason County
capped off 13-7 regular season play.  
JV - Most Improved  
Andrew Paulin  -  Michael Geiman

--  Brian Paulin  --