2019  -  2020
Final Junior Varsity
Team Stats
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Final Junior Varsity Statistics
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Mustang JVs Improve Late,
Win Five of Last Eight Games
Gabe Smorey easily sets a JV Program
3-Point Shooting Record
JV - Most Improved - Matthew Braun
JV - Best Defensive  -  Mick Clines
JV Best Shooter  -  Gabe Smorey

JV - MVP -  Jacob Leicht
With Freshman Luke Schumacher on the shelf,
Sophomore David Govan plying his trade with the
Varsity, and top-shelf guards, Carson Schirmer and
Stephen Verst starting with the big team, the
Sophomore/Junior ranks were a bit thin, as the Junior
Varsity team found themselves spotting their opponents
fire-power and depth on a nightly basis.
Hard luck losses to Newport, Harrison County, and
Beechwood contributed to an 0-5 start, before winning a
pair and jump-starting their season.  The team finished
strong by winning five of their final eight matches.
The team was bolstered by the core of the Freshmen
Team, seven of whom are represented in the Final Stats.
  Junior sharpshooter Gabe Smorey connected on an amazing 33
Three Point Goals, despite experiencing a mid-season shooting
slump of sorts.  Going back through JV history, I could find no one
who eclipsed Gabe's 33.  The closest were Jimmy Uebel with 25 back
in 2005, and Bryce Kremer hit 26 of them back-to-back in 2014-15
and 2015-16.
Smorey led all scorers with a 6.8ppg average, while he was edged by
Sophomore Jacob Leict in the Total Points category 135-130.
Charles Hartig was the team's leading free-throw shooter, knocking
down 24 of 32.  Mick Clines (66%), Jacob Leicht (63%) and Jed
Martin (61%) joined Hartig in being primarily responsible for
maintaining the team's FT average of 61%.
Freshman Luke Schumacher recovered in time to contribute in 9 JV
games, where he scored 51 points and averaged just short of 6
points per game.
Coach Daviel Schulz concluded his fourth season as our Junior
Varsity head coach.    
Evan Orth led the freshman
corps with 57 pts.