Mustang Legend
Kevin Smith '05
Kevin Smith received a rude welcome to high school
basketball, breaking his wrist while playing in his first
game in a a Junior Varsity game vs Covington Catholic.  
Sleek as a thoroughbred racehorse with the athletic
ability of a deer effortlessly jumping a fence, Smitty
has paid for his athletic abilities and streamlined frame
by spending time on the disabled list off and on
throughout his career - always bouncing back and
playing better/stronger/harder after each setback.
His most recent time-lost injury befell him on
Thursday night, December 16th of his senior season
when he strained some ligament/tendons in his lower
right leg, sitting the Mustangs co-captain for nearly a
month before re-joining the team vs Erlanger Lloyd on
January 13th of 2005..
Smith managed to compete in 18 of the Mustangs 24
games that season finishing the season as our
third-leading scorer behind Evan McDole and Jason
Cooper.  Smitty put 160 points on the board, averaging
8.9ppg, and led the team from behind the arc, hitting
on 21 of 53 three-point shot attempts for an impressive
40% connection rate.  
Kevin ranks 36th among all-time career leading
Kevin's Four Year Composite Varsity Stats
Games            -  87
2Pt Field Goals-170-364-46.7%
3Pt Field Goals-   44-130-34%
TL Field Goals-214-494-43.3%
Free Throws - 139-215-64.6%
Points      -  611  -  7.0ppg
Rebounds -  360  -  4.2rpg
Blocks      -  60
Assists     -  144
Steals       -  165
" I want you to go out there tonight and be the best #42 on the
!!"  So was the challenge issued Senior co-captain Kevin
Smith prior to the CovCath game back on February 22nd, 2005
by the Mustangs coaching staff - AND HE WAS.           
The other #42 on the floor that night was worn by Covington
Catholic's Mr. Basketball candidate, Division One Penn signee,
Brennen Votel.
Smitty led all scorers in the game, putting up fifteen points in
the battle for the consensus Number One ranking in all of
Northern Kentucky while playing relentless defense and turning
in perhaps his best all-around basketball game while wearing a
Brossart uniform, leading his Mustangs to a 68-52 thumping of
the Ninth Region kingpins.  Again, Kevin Smith showed his stuff
in Blue-chip time.

It was Smitty's defensive efforts in big games vs Mason County
over the past few years where he guarded Mr. Basketball Chris
Lofton that motivated Mason County Head Coach Kelly Wells to
tab the lanky Mustang as a great college prospect and recruit the
6'6" guard/forward to Hawaii Pacific University when Wells took
an assistants job there this season.

Smitty's best playing days are in front of him and he is going to
get to showcase himself at the next level.   
Kevin Smith was the first-ever Brossart Mustangs
Basketball Player to be signed to a four year full ride
scholarship at a NCAA Division II program.

Smith Signed To Play His College Career at
Hawaii-Pacific University
Sophomore Season
10th All "A"
All Tournament

Junior Season
Hack's NoKy MVP
10th All "A"
All Tournament

All "A" State Tournament

Blue-Chip Slam-Dunk
Senior Season
ICN-6 "Player of the Year"

Honorable Mention

Enquirer First Team

NKAC Division II

NKAC Division II
Defensive Player Of The Year

10th Region
All "A" All-Tournament

38th District
All-Tournament Team

Blue Chip - 3 Point Shootout

10th Region
Honarable Mention

Received a Four Year Full-Ride
Scholarship To
NCAA Division II
Hawaii-Pacific University
Kevin Smith completed his
freshmen year at Hawaii-Pacific
University where he played in 23
games, averaging 5.5 minutes
per game.
He scored 42 points and shot 46.8%
from beyond the arc (6-13).

Kevin chose not to return to
Hawaii-Pacific for his sophomore
season, and although offered
various playing opportunities here
in the states, chose to forego the
remainder of his college career,
joining the family business.
    On February 10th, 2004, Mason
County, then ranked 2nd in the State,
played Brossart, ranked 16th, at the
Campbell County Middle School.  
Louisville Coach Rick Pitino was in
attendance to watch Chris Lofton.

Kevin Smith had the defensive
assignment on Lofton that night, and
his length caused the Mason County
star some problems.  Lofton was held to
12 points that night.

Those of us close to the Brossart
program are convinced that Pitino
thought that Lofton (6'1" - 180lbs) would
have trouble competing against the
bigger, more physical Division I players
at Louisville based on his production vs
the Brossart defender, and passed on
recruiting him.

Lofton went on to Tennessee, where he
generated questions as those asked in
the published article above.  At
Tennessee, Lofton was All-American all
four years and in his junior season was
named the SEC Player of the Year.     
Photos Courtesy Of
Mr. Tim Cooper