DID YOU KNOW............
 That on January 30th, 1998 on the way home after playing a game at East Jessamine High School, Coach
Schlarman had the bus driver take us to Rupp Arena, where the Thoroblades had just completed a hockey game.

   He had each of us enter the arena and stare at the floor, while telling us that if we worked hard and
believed in him we would play there some day.

   True to his word on March 16th, 2000 the Brossart Mustangs ran out on the floor at Rupp to play in the
"Sweet Sixteen" Kentucky State Basketball Tournament.
To This Day This Picture Is On
Display In The Varsity Locker Room
As An Inspiration To Those Who
Wear Mustang Uniforms
To Play Hard and Be Aggressive.  It
Is Simply Entitled  "OUR BALL"
With just seconds remaining, Jeff
Clark hit two free throws to send
Brossart to the State Quarterfinals
and Graves County back to
Mayfield with a 27-4 record.
In addition to being brilliant
on defense, in the words of
Coach Al Prewitt,  Nick
Zeigler, twice shot "for the
number on his jersey" and
"bottomed them out."
For Three Years Jeff Clark
had a frustrating habit of
driving from the wing to the
block, only to get trapped in
the short corner.

However, when the games
were on the line in both the
Regional Semi-Finals, and in
the State Tournament game
at Rupp vs Graves Co., Clark
executed the move to
perfection that he had
practiced for three years and
scored the baskets that made
the difference in the games.

Timing is Everything!!!!
Junior Brandon Seiter played only 45
seconds vs Russellville, but etched his
name in the State Tournament record
book when he hit the first of
two free throws.
This Photo Shows The 2000 Mustangs Realizing Every High School Player's Dream,
Playing In The State Tournament in Rupp Arena.