Let’s Meet The 2021 Summer Youth Basketball Camp Champs

                           FREE THROW CAMP CHAMPS

9th - Griffin Hill
8th - Beckett Kuntz
7th - Luke Neltner
6th - Jake Bricking
5th - Parker Litmer
4th - Tommy Busby
3rd - Corbin Kuehne
2nd - Stephen Myles

                                  HOT SHOT CAMP CHAMPS

Beckett Kuntz (8th) repeated as Hot Shot Champ from 2019, and Free Throw Champ from 2018.                                                                                                     Drew Steffen (7th) is a three time Hot Shot Champ – 2021, 2018, 2016                                                                                                                                                   Cohen Trauth (6th) is a repeat Hot Shot Champ from 2018, and a Free Throw Champ from 2017

9th - Andrew Lusby
8th - Beckett Kuntz
7th - Drew Steffen
6th - Cohen Trauth
5th - Carson Byrne
4th - Hunter Ryan
3rd - Corbin Kuehne
2nd - Jackson Burton

                         KING OF THE HILL CAMP CHAMPS

Landon Geyer (9th) is now a three time King of the Hill Champ –  2021, 2018, and 2017

9th - Landon Geyer
8th - Ben Doyle
7th - Luke Neltner
6th - Cohen Trauth
5th - Parker Litmer
4th - Hunter Ryan
3rd - Chase Johnson
2nd - McCoy Kuntz

                                    3 ON 3 CAMP CHAMPS

8th/9th -Parker Mulberry, Landon Geyer, Cole Schauff and Jackson Steffen
6th/7th - Brenden Hill, Alex Code, Andrew Verst
5th - Donavan Eviston, Hunter Lewin, Parker Litmer
4th - Tommy Busby, Ryan Grosser, Jaxson Noe
3rd - Beckham Burton, Andrew Eten, Nash Schroer
2nd - Noah Holland, McCoy Kuntz, Chase Lachenman

                                    5 ON 5 CAMP CHAMPS 

                                                                            Listed In Alphabetical Order

8th/9th - Griffin Hill, Luke Kohls, Matthew Riegler, Austin Twehues
6th/7th - Jake Bricking, Brady Rowe, Finley Schultz, Jack Stamm, Drew Steffen
5th - Not Reorded
4th - Tommy Busby, Ryan Grosser, Ethan Manhardt, Mitchell Reitman, Hunter Ryan
3rd - Eli Foster, Parker Frimming, Jacob Gastright, Cooper Lackey, Avery Muench
Nate Clark, Jackson Elix, Ben Humphreys, McCoy Kuntz, Stephen Myles, Cooper Reilly

There were no “Triple Crown” winners this year.

Corbin Kuehne (3rd), Hunter Ryan (4th), Parker Litmer (5th), Cohen Trauth (6th), Luke Neltner (7th), Beckett Kuntz (8th) all won two of the three major events in their class this year.

  Ben Doyle (8th), and Griffin Hill (9) are two-time Camp Champs, but did not repeat in a single category.