Brossart Boys Basketball – 2018 – Summer Youth Camp Champs

140 Potential Future Brossart Mustang Hoopsters

Attended the 2018 Summer Youth Basketball Camp 

                              Free Throw Camp Champs

9th Grade - David Govan
5th Grade - Beckett Kuntz
8th Grade - Robbie Verst
4th Grade - J.J. Carr
7th Grade - Luke Schroeder
3rd Grade - Ben D'Alessandro
6th Grade - Ben Volmer
2nd Grade - Dominic Pangallo

                                Hot Shot Camp Champs

9th Grade - David Govan
6th Grade - Mason McDonald


Not Pictured

2nd Graders

Gavin Trauth


Parker Litmer

Co - 8th Grade - Anthony Kruse
5th Grade - Luke Kohls
Co - 8th Grade - Austin Schadler
4th Grade - Drew Steffen
7th Grade - Henry Goering
3rd Grade - Derek Bezold

                           King of the Hill Camp Champs

9th Grade - David Govan
6th Grade - Landon Geyer
Co - 8th Grade - Evan Orth
5th Grade - Luke Kohls
Co - 8th Grade - Colin Combs
4th Grade - John Kremer




Not Pictured

7th Grade

Ryan Williamson

3rd Grade - Cohen Trauth
2nd Grade - Hayden Mohr


Congratulations to incoming Freshman,        David Govan who swept this year’s
Camp Champ Triple Crown, winning the Hot Shot, King of the Hill and Free Throw awards.


5th Grader Luke Kohls was the only other camper to win multiple legs (Hot Shot and        King of the Hill

                                3 on 3 Camp Champs

8th/9th Grade Mitchell Combs, Jed Martin, Robbie Verst, Sam Willike,
5th/6th Grade Beckett Kuntz, Parker Mulberry, Ben Volmer
3rd Grade Derek Bezold, Matthew Clark, Cohen Trauth
7th/8th Grade Henry Goering, Nolan Jordan, Austin Schadler
4th Grade Ollie Bentley, John Kremer, Drew Steffen
2nd Grade Donavon Eviston, Hayden Moore, Cruz Szorunado

                                     5 of 5 Camp Champs

8th/9th Grade (Not in Order) Joe Bedford, Anthony Kruse, David Prather, Luke Schumacher, Mason Sepate, and Tyler Twehues
7th/8th Grade (Not in Order) Henry Goering, Logan Rauen, Colin Ratcliff, Austin Schadler, Deion Keller,and Jantzen Wittrock
5th/6th Grade (Not in Order) Mason MacDonald, Kyle Piscitello, Jackson Steffen, Ben Volmer, and Shane Willike
4th Grade (Not in Order) Alex Code, Reek Keller, Ivan Meadows, Landon Spaulding, and Drew Steffen
3rd Grade (Not In Order) Mitchell Franzen, Emmett Moree, Wrigley Morgan, Bo Schlarman, and Alex Twehues
2nd Grade (Not In Order) Will Lloyd, Colton Rust, Carson Sheehy, Steele Szorunado, and Gavin Trauth