BBHS Fundraising


Parochial high school sports programs are expensive to start and maintain.  While each sport is typically responsible for promoting and facilitating their  We depend on a few fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

These efforts are only successful with the help of volunteers and hours of dedication. Thank you you everyone who makes these fundraiser opportunities a success!

Football/Student Scholarship

2022 marked the 23rd year for this well-known euchre tournament, which supports BBHS students (annual scholarship thanks to the McGarr family) and the Mustang Football Program organized by the Horse Power Club

Boys Basketball
- Trash For Cash -

Typically for the boys basketball program, where the team is assigned a stretch of highway and spends 2-3 hours walking along side the road, picking up trash for cash (about $1,000)

Volleyball & Softball

In 2022, the softball and volleyball teams combined efforts to raise money for their programs by hosting an annual euchre tournament

Other Supporting Local Businesses