Nathan Seiter – 10th Region Hall of Fame Induction

Published On The Day of His Being Inducted Into The 10th Region Hall of Fame

March 23rd, 2003

Brossart’s Leading All-Time Mustang scorer, Nathan Seiter, will be inducted into the 10th Region Hall of Fame tonight at Mason County High School. He was honored at halftime of the 2003 Regional Championship Game with the other “Class of 2003” inductees. He joins the likes of Ronnie Lyons, Alvin Sims, Allen and Deron Feldhaus, Jim LeMaster, Talbert Turner, Jay Gast, and Chris Harrison in this elite group of 10th Region Superstars. He only played in the 10th for one full season and part of another, but that was enough. Anyone who knows anything about 10th Region Basketball knows Nathan Seiter.

I not only had the privilege of watching Nate play his high school career but his entire grade school career as well. He was the most confident player I’ve ever been associated with. He will tell you to this day, that if they had one more quarter they would have beaten Fleming County in the ’98 regional finals …. and he believes it. He possessed a first step equal to that of a greyhound springing from the box and a quick release shot as potent as an Ali jab….you never saw it coming. He could bring a team back from a double digit deficit quicker than his opponents could call a timeout. We called him “Nathan Incredible” and he truly was. He was a leader that when he gathered his teammates around him and talked, they listened. When he led they followed. He possesses a personality that can sell Igloo coolers to the Eskimos and he would rather fish and hunt than eat or sleep.

He thrived under head coach Willie Schlarman, and for a single year gave us the ride of our lives. The 97-98 Mustangs are the winningest team in the history of our program, they won an unprecedented twelve games in a row and finished their season in the Regional Championship Game, a previously unfathomable feat. They won 28 games that year and Nathan Seiter was a contributor in every one of them.