Nathan Seiter – Athlete Had Class

Athlete Had Class

Published Thursday, December 16th

As a contributing writer for The Cincinnati and Kentucky Post newspapers from 1996-2000, I had the pleasure to come into contact with a multitude of athletes, coaches, school officials, fans and parents involved in high school sports.

None, however, came close to matching the class, humility and graciousness of Bishop Brossart High School’s Nathan Seiter.

It was with great sorrow that I was alerted to Nathan’s recent death. I covered many of Nathan’s athletic accomplishments during his junior and senior seasons on the basketball court and the baseball diamond. He was a tremendous athlete and a fearless leader who commanded respect from teammates and opponents.

I will never forget the day Nathan stopped me after a game to thank me for my coverage of Brossart’s athletic program and for the stories I wrote about him. I was stunned as he was only one of two athletes to ever thank me personally for a story I wrote. Over the years, as my career took me in a different direction, I ran into Nathan two or three times. Each time, he greeted me with respect, a smile, a kind word or two and always with a “Thanks again, Mr. Murphy.”

To his parents, I’m sure I speak for thousands when I commend and thank you for the unmatchable job you did in raising Nathan to be the man he became. I can’t imagine your sorrow but hope you understand the impact your son – because of you – had on so many people during his richly lived life.

Mike Murphy