Nathan Seiter – Quotables

Excerpts from Tribute Pages

Your Legend Will Live On Forever
Your Smile Always Lit Up the Room and My Day
The World Has Lost One Of Its Good Guys
It Doesen't Matter What It Was - You Always Figured Out A Way To Come Out On Top
You Loved Your Family, Loved Kim With All Your Heart, And Cherished Your Friends
It Never Crossed My Mind That One Of Us Wouldn't Make It To 30
Your Dad Even Called You Tuber
He Was The Example
He Was A Hall of Fame Person
I Didn't Want To Be Like Mike - I Wanted To Be Like Nathan Seiter
I Will Always Remember You For Your Kindness and Compassion
You Helped Me Countless Hours and Wanted Nothing In Return
I Never Had So Much Confidence In One Person As I Had In Nathan Seiter
You Will Always Hold A Special Place Within Every Heart You Have Ever Touched
I Have Always Called You "Nathan Incredible" Because You Were
If There Is One Guy On The Planet You Don't Want To Play HORSE against It's Nathan Seiter
Because of Tuber I Have Added Words To My Vocabulary Such As, "Duhhhhh!!!" And "GOOOOOH-WAD!!!
You Will Always Be My Homecoming King
Heros Get Remembered - Legends Never Die
He Approached Life Through The Eyes Of A Boy
This Is As Sad As It Gets
Not Only Was He The Best Athlete To Ever Come Out of Brossart - He Was One Of The Best People Too
Brossart Basketball Is Where It Is Today Because Of Nathan Seiter
You Are The Best Friend Anyone Could Have
You Could See The Smile In His Eyes, Too
God Bless #22 - Nathan Seiter