What'd he say?

While broadcasting a live game, NKY Sports Hall-Of-Famer Dave Schabell and his guest announcers try to paint a picture for their listeners. Sometimes, in-game references and coined phrases can be confusing, so we thought a glossary might help.  “Schabs” is known for coined phrases, so we’ll continue to add to the list.

NEW! (12/8/22)

The Christmas Tree

Refers to when the venue displays the scoring and fouls of each player on the scoreboard and it’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

We swing the ball to the short corner and attack the zone

The juncture where the free-throw lane meets the baseline. It is a strategic offensive area especially used against zone defenses. A pass to the short-corner which draws the defense and opens the middle is especially effective.

Our big men set up on the blocks & blocks-extended

The block is a buffer area painted on the lane lines separating offensive and defensive players during a free throw attempt. It’s also a very strategic area for players to post up for high-percentage shots.  Blocks extended is an imaginary line horizontally across the floor at the blocks.

The ball is passed to the Elbow

Refers to the area of the court where the free throw line meets the lane. Like the block, the elbows become important on dribble penetration. 

The Free-Throw Line Extended-extended

Refers to the imaginary line through the free throw line, across the width of the court. Establishes defensive rules & offensive player alignment.

Live from the Sydome!

Refers to the Mustang’s home court, named after long-time principal, Tom Seither.  He served as principal for 36 years and retired in 2008, with 43 years of service.

Dribble drive, dribble drive

Refers to the dribble-drive motion offense in a guard-oriented offense that focuses on spreading the floor and attacking the rim with a dribble to either score or create a shot for a teammate. The key to this offense is being tough to guard by attacking the defense so you make multiple defenders have to stop you.

Water cooler corner / coffin corner

Refers to the area in the furthest corner of the court, next to the team’s water cooler.  The corner opposite of the player benches is called the coffin corner.

Threee from the hinterlands!

Refers to when a player takes (and makes) a shot from way beyond the 3-point line, otherwise known as an NBA 3 pointer.

Two of a kind bookends!

Refers to when a player, shooting two free throws, makes both attempts.

Give 'n Go

Refers to when one player makes a short pass to a teammate, then cuts to the basket and receives a pass back from that teammate.

Shooting from the port side

Refers to a left-handed shooter or shooting from the left side of the court.

No time for long sentences

The period of time winding down where a team needs to make a big play on short timing.

Carries the piggy into the end zone

Refers to a football player carrying the football into the end zone for a touchdown.

We'll keep our eye on the white hat

When fans are waiting for the head football official to make the call when a flag is thrown.

A Common Foul

Standard contact between two opposing players on the floor (vs. on the shot, technical or intentional).